The Artists


"It is not about you;
It is not about me;
It is about "us" becoming "one"". - Unknown source
Jessie Nita Munyaneza is one of our designers. She worked on this collection and you will see more of her designs in Nita act 2 collection

Behind the designs

Jessie Nita

Nita (she/her) is a 20-year-old fashion student born and raised in Belgium. She sees herself as an unconventional free spirit and considers art an alternative way of experiencing life and its nuances. Her response to what art and self-expression are all about is: "I consider Art to be an alternative way to experience life and its nuances. You don't need to understand it to love and enjoy it and that's what's amazing about it. It has so many layers which means anybody can find one that speaks more to themselves, and fashion is one of them. Fashion always carries a message from the creator, to the person wearing it, to the people witnessing it.
I'd personally like to think a person shouldn't limit themselves only to one art form but instead be exposed to multiple at once, because that is how you get a guided tour into someone else's creative world/experience".

The collection

Behing the digital art


Adam Junior N'Tumba, known by his stage name "D.", an acronym that stands for "DAÏON", is a multidisciplinary artist. Mainly known as a digital illustrator where he portrays multiple portraits of Afro descendants with a focus on dark-skinned black women; in particular to review the connotation she embraces, the struggles and rewrite a new paradigm of history; because he knows she is one of those facing the greatest discrimination in the psychosocial hierarchy.

In addition, he likes to experiment with everything that has anything to do with art. From dance to music, writing and much more...

His goal is to promote a journey of self discovery through the essence of LOVE, as he puts it: "It's all about LOVE".