NITA Collection ACT I


My name is Svetta, I am the creative director and founder of ZVET. 

I am excited to share with you the themes and stories behind this collection.

Having always been involved in various creative activities such as dance, theater and spoken word events, when I started working on this collection, it was clear to me that it would be a blend of art, poetry, storytelling and all forms of self-expression.

The people who have worked on this collection have one thing in common: creativity and the willingness to tap into their inner selves to create authentic works.

I like to say that NITA collection is where the beauty of femininity, the enduring strength of feminine energy, the wisdom of the UBUNTU philosophy, the rhythms of women's cycles, and the art of sowing creatively meet.

With these pieces, we invite you to embrace your inner self and let it shine through our sculpture pieces that honor the spirit of femininity and self-discovery. 

NITA collection is a celebration of empowerment, self-expression, and embracing the uniqueness that defines you.

Svetlana Uwineza



"Mother of the earth"

The inspiration comes from the UBUNTU philosophy.
4 years ago, I had a beautiful conversation with Maryse, the founder of Asantii. She told me about the "Pink Ubuntu Social Program" and explained the concept of UBUNTU. She then said something that has stayed with me; she said, "I'm not a self made person, I am because someone else is".

I don't know why that phrase stuck with me, but it made me question my perception about my relationships and inspired me to be more intentional with those around me.

I like to tell my friends that we are in each other's lives so that we can be a blessing to each other.
Nana's connected hoops symbolize the connection, the sharing and also the empowerment of a community, because ultimately, I am because you are and everything is connected.

A model wearing a ZVET gold plated earrings shaped like a rhombus


“Life, living and breathing "

The inspiration comes from the song "Energy by Sampa The Great" , which celebrates the power and importance of feminine energy and motherhood. She portrays feminine energy as a force for positive change, healing.

The rhombus is also a symbol of femininity and fertility. The two different rhombus remind us how each month women cleanse their energy and welcome new ones, and the moon, as we know it, it controls the womb.

Efa earrings, celebrates the beauty of femininity and motherhood.

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A model wearing a gold plated stud earring shaped like the moon


"Roman Goddess of the moon"

The Moon is our inspiration. As we know, the female cycle is synchronized with the moon, and at each stage of our cycle, we are in a different mood, we have different emotions that also influence our self-perception and our clothing choices. We dress according to how we feel inside, which is a way of listening to and caring for ourselves.  

Luna earrings were designed to celebrate the beautiful nature of womanhood.

A model wearing gold plated stud vintage earrings



With this collection, I wanted to pay tribute to my late aunt. I thought about her quite a lot when working on this collection. She loved fashion and I remember her also wearing statement earrings.

She loved the group Boney M. So, I was inspired by the '80s and the '90s fashion.   
Asa is the vintage stud earring of this collection.                  

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A model wearing a ZVET gold plated earrings


“The day before yesterday”

We believe that jewelry is not binary and can be used to highlight our femininity and/or masculinity in a way that shows the variety of identities and energies present in each individual.

Each person draws inspiration from the other, creating a new form of expression and a new way of presenting ourselves.

Juzi was designed by my sister, whose name is Nita.

I named the collection after her because she is in tune with her femininity and she is authentic to her true self. You will see more of her design in NITA ACT II.